What is happening with Spain and Catalonia 

What is happening with Spain and Catalonia 

In previous entries I tried to shed some light about separatist feeling of some sectors of Catalan government.

It is important to remark that the Catalan society become divided after two recent events: 

  • Economic crisis from 2009 to 2016 with high rates of job destruction.
  • Conflict of Catalan statute changed by Catalan govern and amended by Spanish court to match with Spanish constitution.

Catalonia is one of the richest regions of Spain and some of their local parties tried to increase its autonomy with law decrees but Spanish court amended these decrees. This provoked a conflict between regional and national parties.

In order to increase their strength, some Catalan nationalist parties pushed for a separatist feeling. They say that Spain is oppressive nation and that Spanish people hate Catalans. These messages have shut up part of the Catalan society.

Then the separatists organized a regional referendum claiming for independency. The actual Spanish government prohibited this event because in Spain (like in France, Germany and USA for example) a region can’t organize a dividing referendum by law.

From this moment the Catalan govern (with less than 51% of votes) pushed hard on the idea that Spanish govern is oppressive. Separatists are spending money all around the world to spread this idea to force Spain to negotiate. The problem is that every movement from Spanish government protecting the law is interpreted by separatists as an attack.

This is the conflict. A conflict that must be solved by politicians. But actually the Spanish government is conservative and Catalan goverment is a coalition of separatists.

From my point of view this 49% of Catalans supporting referendum have to be heard, but in the other hand a local govern must not declare in rebellion and ignore the laws. 

Now the police is doing his work and the separatists are claiming in the street but this is a prepared movement feeded with € millions from separatist parties. 

I’m sure that the next Spanish govern will be open to negotiate but right now it’s important to obey the laws that was voted 40 years ago by 90% of Spanish and also Catalans.


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