The right to decide

Democracy is the participation of the whole population in matters that affect their future.

The separatist sects use populist slogans like “we have the right to decide”. Ok that is theoretically correct…

But then the country  want to have the chance to decide. There are some topics that we would need to decide about.

– Centralised health care : In the past decade the public healthcare system were decentralised and every region now manages his own. Nowadays an Aragonian guy can not use his medical recipes in Seville . Great. This was made only to satisfy separatist regional sects.

– Centralised Educación: Now every regional goverment decides what to teach to the children. Some separatist politicians take advantage of that to inject anti Spanish ideas into young kids brains. In Catalonia for example there are only 2 hours of daily classes made in Spanish. Catalan language IS well protected by constitution but local goverment wants more power and aims to build borders using the language as a weapon.

– Centralised taxes: within the whole territory one can find different taxes and benefits. This IS normal but when the central goverment tries to tune a regional tax the entire separatist sect massively declares the revolution.

So where are our rights? We want a referendum to change these things. Isn’t It a pacific and democratic demand?

“Volem votar” my friends.


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