Catalan extremists explained for dummies

Firstly let  me invite you to not trust this text blindly. The truth is something difficult to identify so please read other documents, specially from the opposite way of thinking.

I have to talk about the story of the border builders: Catalan extremist separatist parties (noisy minority)

What is happening in Spain and Catalonia?

There are a bunch of angry people against their self country: Spain. Why they complain? Because they live in Spain. A democracy which protects their rights to do that and supports by Constitution their culture and language and the right to vote their own extremist parties. 

But then, why do they complain? Because they want to be independant. They are minoritary but their movility and social power allows them to pretend as if they were a lot of people as a trendy movement.

Ok but please… Why they complain?

They complain because in their brains they are opressed by Spanish democracy. They act as a sect and invented several slogans like “we have the right to choose”. Yes It sounds good, but Spain is a country which includes Catalonia from centuries ago without violence or wars. However the extremists are modeling the story to say that there were violence and wars against Catalonia.

They invented that Spain conquered their “country” and maintained It with violence.

And how can I check that its false?

Oh dear, you only have to read internacional writters, enciclopedic issues, historic resources or any text not written by them (the sect) or subsidiary of their rich but minoritary parties.

Are there Catalonian people against separatism?

Sure. Almost 52% are strongly indentified with Spanish feelings. And within the separatists there is a majority of people protesting against the goverment due the recent crisis and corruption. However the Catalan separatism movement is the perfect recipe for sad pople who want a change. Separatism is a trendy populist movement that promises the success without any real basis.

More information soon…









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